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Ken Tizzard, musician enjoying a Longtooth pale ale. currently brewed at Churchkey Brewing company


Longtooth Beverage Company will work with existing brewers or untrained staff to get them up to speed on the brewing process. recipe design is also available to those companies that have a competent person/persons that can follow recipe and instruction but are not ready to fit all the pieces together quite yet.

we also off financial involvement for production and or expanding the the Longtooth brand and products.


Brand management

elLongtooth Beverage Company is a brand management company that works in conjunction with alcohol manufacturing companies (ie: a brewery).

Longtooth will manage marketing,sales, right to delivery of product that has the Longtooth brand associated with it.


Consulting and administrative

we offer support and administration services to some companies as well as advice. we can also connect your company with other companies that specialize in distribution and sales to the main outlets in Ontario. we do licensee sales as well for any product associated with the Longtooth brand.

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